Who am I?
I’m a genealogist, a researcher in family histories. I’m French, living in Paris, but fluent in English, having spent half of my childhood in the United States, first in Minnesota and then in Connecticut.  After a 24-year career as a journalist at Reuters, the largest news agency in the world, I have set up a genealogical business to dedicate myself to this field which interests me more than any other.

Why genealogy? As a child in the United States, I was fascinated by the fact that I had roots on the other side of the Atlantic. Back in France at the age of 13, I loved to listen to my grandmother's stories about her own grandparents who lived in the same village in the 19th century. My grandmother died soon afterwards, but the fascination with family histories never left me.

Before going into journalism, I studied history, and it is during those years, in the 1980s, that I started doing genealogical research. I’ve since done my own genealogy, as well as my husband's and that of friends.

I wrote a book, published in 2007, on family secrets in genealogy how to uncover them, and how to interpret them. I've written articles about the village in northern France where I have roots. In 2010, I began writing a column on psychogenealogy that appears in the Revue française de généalogie the biggest genealogical magazine in France.

Why psychogenealogy ? I’m a genealogist, not a therapist, but I’m deeply interested in the psychological aspects of the family tree. Genealogy is a hobby for a lot of people — but it raises questions too. Our discoveries are not always pleasant: how should we react? What truly motivates us to delve into our ancestral past? How are we influenced by the deeds and secrets of our ancestors? Can we overcome a negative legacy?

My services 
As a professional genealogist, I could research your French ancestors. I would contact you regularly and send you the results of my work in English – sparing you the cost of a translator. 

But nothing beats seeing where your ancestors lived. Why not come to France to visit this beautiful country ? I could arrange a special tour to the birthplace of your ancestors. For a day or two, depending on how much time and money you're prepared to spend, I would serve as a guide and together we could scroll through archives at the town hall, visit the cemetery if there are family graves, walk through the town and see old houses and buildings and, who knows, meet French cousins ! 

You won’t forget that trip out of the past. 

How much does it cost ? 
My rates for genealogical research are 30 euros per hour and 200 euros for a whole day, plus travel expenses. 

After you contact me, I would prepare an estimate depending on the difficulty of the research. If the work exceeds our contract, I would let you know in time so that you could decide how to proceed. If you’re interested by a tour, Sally Evalt at Doneson Travel in Southfield, Mich., is willing to assist you with your travel arrangements.